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The LaserChat Project

Submitted by sonic2000gr on Sun, 08/27/2017 - 16:30

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LaserChat is a SchoolSpace Project wishing to create a text-based communication device that will transmit messages via a low poer LASER beam. Transmitter and receiver will be in sight distance and the LASER beam will travel through the air (no fiber cables). It is based on two arduino UNO microcontrollers and some self designed driving and reception circuits. The following photo presents the initial concept which was later enhanced by using lego parts:

The participants are:


  • Manolis Kiagias


  • Eftychios Giakoumakis (2nd Junior High School of Chania)
  • Giorgos Papadakis (2nd Junior High School of Chania)
  • Nikos Gkiomakis (2nd Junior High School of Chania)
  • Giorgos Prifti (EPAL of Kissamos)

The following is a short history (Milestones) of the Project:


  • 07/02: Ordered most project components not already available, including laser diodes, photosensors and protective glasses
  • 18/02: First team meeting - description of the project, general guidelines, theory of Laser operations and photodetection
  • 25/02: Second team meeting - Experimentation with laser diodes. Basic circuit for transmitting serial data through Arduino.
  • 04/03: Third team meeting - First transmission and reception of text data (string literals). Encountered strange problems in encoding.
  • 11/03: Fourth team meeting - Analyzed received signal via oscilloscope. Created a transistor based circuit to inverse digits on the receiving. First really successful reception at all speeds.
  • 18/03: Fifth team meeting - Used Lego for final mechanical construction. Started writing the final version of the software.
  • 01/04: Sixth team meeting - Improved the receiving and transmitting applications. Created a signal level measurement system.
  • 08/04: Seventh team meeting - Completed the software and tested the devices in larger distances.

The LaserChat Project was completed in early April and presented as a SchoolSpace project in the Greek Schools Exhibition:

The LaserChat Project was also admitted for presentation in the Athens Mini MakerFaire (May 2017) along with our older Enigma Project: